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The Check-in: Christmas in Bethlehem

December 17, 2021 Telos
The Telos Channel
The Check-in: Christmas in Bethlehem
Show Notes

What’s happening in Bethlehem? The birthplace of Jesus, the cradle of the nativity, is closed for another year during the Christmas season. For a city that depends on the tourism and pilgrimage of Christians, the city’s closure for another Advent season is a big hit. But living under Occupation is always full of complications. 

This week, we hear from the former Mayor of Bethlehem (and first woman to ever hold the position), Vera Baboun. She shares more about the challenges of leading one of the most well-known but unvisited cities in the world. But she also shares the hope she has for Bethlehem, and how Americans, especially American Christians, can support the residents of the “little town” this Christmas season. 

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Resources mentioned: 

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