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S2 | Humaira Wakili: A Hope for Afghanistan

December 28, 2021 Telos Season 2 Episode 6
The Telos Channel
S2 | Humaira Wakili: A Hope for Afghanistan
Show Notes

How do we remember the most forgotten in the world? 

Humaira’s family fled Afghanistan as refugees when she was a child. But it wasn’t until she was working in Palestine with refugee youth that she began to truly understand her own story as a refugee, and how to center the most overlooked and unheard on the margins of society. 

Then, in August the US pulled out of Afghanistan, the Taliban retook control, and suddenly her people were abandoned. Humaira has been tirelessly advocating for the Afghan people ever since, demanding that the world not abandon the Afghan people to a future robbed of their most basic rights. Humaira reminds us that forgetting those on the margins is a choice—and we have the power to choose instead to center their leadership and advocate for a future full of hope.

Humaira's work represents what it looks like to Center the Leadership of the Marginalized, our fourth Practice of Peacemaking. 

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