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Undaunted S2 | Abigail Disney: Learn to Inhabit Common Ground

January 11, 2022 Telos Season 2 Episode 7
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Undaunted S2 | Abigail Disney: Learn to Inhabit Common Ground
Show Notes

Is it possible to partner for peace with those we could call our “enemies?”

Abigail Disney lost some of her community when she built a relationship with the hero of the “opposite side,” pastor Rob Schenck. But along the way, despite their differences, she found a friend and partner for peace in a place she never expected. She documented Rob's story in the feature-length documentary, The Armor of Light, which went on to win an Emmy Award. 

Abigail has spent her life self-interrogating the stories she finds herself in and advocating for change. She’s asked difficult questions about her family’s history of enslaving human beings. She’s worked to amplify the story of the successful women-led peace movement in Liberia. And now, she’s advocating for a shared future in our own home by reminding us what’s possible when we put aside our expectations and fears, and truly seek relationships with those we least expect to love.


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Resources from this episode:

All Ears with Abigail Disney

Pray the Devil Back to Hell - Documentary film on role of women in the Liberian peace process

The Armor of Light (Emmy Award Winner) - Documentary film on crossing lines of difference over a vision of shared humanity and the future of gun rights in America